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Who is A Young Historian

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

My name is Stevi Lyn Owen, I go by SteviLyn. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee to John Owen, and Laurel Hamilton. I was named after the American singer-songwriter, Stevie Nicks, my parents dropped the E. I am the youngest of four siblings, Jesse, Rachel, Caleb and Amanda. My first home was in Drummonds/Randolph, Tennessee. I later moved to a very rural town, Burlison, Tennessee, close to Gilt Edge, Tennessee in 2009. Burlison is very small, its located very close to the Mississippi River

My earliest memory was being the flower girl at my oldest sister's wedding, I was attired in a sleeveless white satin gown with a wide satin sash of scarlet-red featuring my initials monogramed in white at the front of the entire waist before forming into a huge bow with long sashes at the back of the gown. I was wearing a head crown made of silk, scarlet red and white miniature roses. - The Lauderdale Voice

I was accepted into an arts academy at four years old, I studied there for five years, then moved schools. I moved around schools a lot until 8th grade when I became a homeschool student. I was an avid gymnast and softball player in my younger childhood, and then became a martial artist, which is my current sport and I enjoy it the most overall.

Family is so very important to me, and I don't care who you are, I still love you. #IWelcomeAllCousins

Most people know me as a very "shy girl". I guess you could say that, but it gets old hearing the same thing daily.

Although I have several siblings, I only lived with my sister Rachel for a year, I met my oldest brother when I was seven, so I practically grew up like the only child. I lost two grandparents in a months time at a very young age, after that, I decided to start researching my roots, I was amazed by what I found and I've researched daily ever since. After researching for a while, I started sharing my progress with the public, and started my own blog which you are reading now. My blog's name (A Young Historian) was my mother and my idea. I've come very far since starting A Young Historian, I cannot thank everyone enough for so much support in such a short amount of time.

My biggest goal is to become a professional genealogist but most importantly prove my passion to my siblings and other family.

I am Stevi Lyn Owen, I am a genealogist, historian and journalist.

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