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All about your Dutch ancestors.

The Dutch (Nederlanders) are a Germanic ethnic group and nation indigenous to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country in Europe which is surrounded by Germany, and Belgium.

The Dutch first arrived in America in 1609, New Netherland which we now call New York was the first Dutch Colony in North America. After they discovered that fur trading was profitable, the Dutch claimed New Netherlands from the Spanish and brought it under their control. Unlike the Spanish and English, the French and Dutch developed good relationships with Native people.

Am I Dutch? What does Dutch DNA consist of?

If you decide to take a DNA test, you will not see "Dutch" or "Netherlands". Search for Germanic European, but of course, if your Dutch relatives haven't taken a DNA test, you might not show up as Germanic European.

How do I research my Dutch ancestors?

I have found that my Dutch genealogy has been very hard for me to research and find sources, but here are a few helpful resources that might make things easier in your search.

  1. WieWasWie

  2. FamilySearch

  3. GenealogieOnline

  4. Delpher


The Dutch kept great records, but most haven't been put on the internet, though the New York State Archives do have a lot of the original New Netherland records safe.

I hope you enjoy exploring your Dutch heritage. If more information is needed feel free to contact

A Young Historian, a Dutch genealogist!

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