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Carmen Elmira Brown

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

My Maternal great grandmother, Carmen Elmira Brown.

Born July 30th 1915, Swainsboro, Emanuel, Georgia, USA. Daughter of Thomas Norwood Brown and Willie Cora Dudley.

Carmen's father, Thomas Norwood Brown passed away on February 25th, 1879, when Carmen was only 14 years old.

Carmen was an elementary school teacher at Swainsboro Elementary when she was 18 years old. She went back to college at Auburn University to received her Bachelor of Arts degree and graduated in approximately 1963. Carmen went on to be a teacher at Columbus Bellwood, and then Johnson Elementary School.

Carmen married the love of her life, Jesse James Perry on May 25th 1940 in Candler, Georgia. Carmen and Jesse had Gloria Jane Perry on January 13th, 1942. Her mother, Willie Cora Dudley passed away on April 17th, 1943 when Carmen was 27 years old.

Carmen passed away due to natural causes in Columbus, Georgia on January 21st, 2002. She was a prominent member of her community, and left a beautiful legacy.

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