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David Alpheus Remer Crum

David Alpheus Remer Crum, husband of my 3rd great-grandaunt, Sarah Florence Hamilton (1875-1935).

David A.P. Crum was born on September 3rd 1868, in Homerville, Georgia, to Robert Brazell Crum (1818-1893) and Margaret Matilda Mallette (1834-1901). David was the 9th out of 11 children.

David graduated from The University of Georgia in 1889, receiving his Bachelor of Law degree. He was formerly a merchant.

David moved to Vienna, Georgia on

June 2nd, 1890 and continued the practice as a member of the firm of Busbee & Crum until February 14th, 1898 then practiced alone. David's father, Robert, passed away on November 12th 1893. David married Sarah Florence Hamilton on June 17, 1896, in Hawkinsville, Georgia, at the age of 27. They had seven children in 15 years.

David passed away at his home in Cordele, Georgia on September 6th, 1929 at the age of 61.

( Link to David's wife, Sarah Florence Hamilton's biography.

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