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Mary Suzannah Crum

Mary Suzannah Crum (Moore) my 1st cousin 4x removed.

Mary Crum was born in Cordele, Georgia on January 25th, 1905 to her mother Sarah Hamilton (1875-1935), and her father, David Crum (1869-1929).

Mary was the second child of Sarah and David Crum, she had 6 other siblings.

Mary Crum had two children with Robert Moore while in high school, Sarah Moore and Margaret Moore. She later married Robert.

Mary graduated from Wesleyan College in 1926, Wesleyan College was the first school to grant degrees to women. Mary then started her career as a high school teacher. Her father, David Crum passed away on September 6th, 1929 when Mary was 24 years of age. She had her 3rd daughter, Mary Pierce Moore in 1933. Sarah Hamilton, Mary's mother, passed away on September 10th 1935 when Mary was 30 years old.

Mary passed away at her home in Dougherty, Georgia on July 21, 1981 at the age of 76.

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