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My friend, Wesley

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

At the young age of eight years old, I was introverted to a great extent and I especially didn't do well with guys. One summer I met a boy named Wesley.

When Wesley and I met, I did not know anyone around me, I was very uncomfortable. His manors and mannerisms were peaceful, I felt reassured. I was even told by my mother, years later how much I talked about him and told her about him, which was very unlike me. "He had curly hair, and he was a great skater."

Many years later (and after I had forgotten his name), I became a historian, one day, my mother and I were wandering in a cemetery, my mother pointed out a headstone, neither of us knew the name Wesley Ray Patterson, but I recognised his picture right away. I took a picture of his headstone to add to the Find a Grave database. I went home and researched who he was, many days later memories began to cross my mind from the summer that I met Wesley.

I wish I had stayed in closer contact with Wesley, though I am so happy to have many good memories that took place around him. Rest in peace, my dear friend, Wesley.

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