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Remembering Annie Mae Kidd

In remembrance of 36 years since my 2x great grandmother's passing.

Annie Kidd was born to Mary Guy, and Jefferson "Jeff" Kidd on August 19th, 1898, in Lickskillet, Georgia. Annie was the youngest daughter. She was the 6th out of 8 children.

Life was hard in the early 1900s, and the death of her mother took place when Annie was only 10 years old. She had many memories of her mother's sewing, and cooking. So thanks to Annie, the whole family could be clothed and fed after the death of their mother.

Annie's father, Jeff passed away in November of 1913. 5 months later Annie would marry William Cornelius-Dolphus Hamilton at the age of 15. William built their forever home in Columbus, GA. Annie and William had their first and only son, William Clarence Hamilton on June 10th, 1918.

Annie's husband William enlisted in the US Army and the family moved to North Carolina in 1920 for a brief time. After moving back to Georgia, Annie began working as a grocery clerk (according to the 1940 census. She was blessed with 4 grandchildren.

Annie passed away on August 3rd, 1985. She was a well respected and strong woman, whom I personally look up to. Annie left behind a great legacy.

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