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Surname Research: van der Linde

Van der Linde is a Dutch and German surname, it means "from the linden tree". Van der Linde is the 240th most popular surname is the Netherlands, there is approximately 5,473 citizens in the Netherlands with the surname van der Linde. Though in South Africa there are 9,280 people with the surname and it is ranked the 745th most popular name. The overall popularity rank of van der Linde is 15,710.

Different spelling forms are Lind, Linde, Linden, and Line or Lyne to Linger, Verlinden, Van Lint, Terlinden, and Lindman. From what we currently know, van der Linde originated from the surname "Lime" which linked to pagan religions. From the beginning, the surname Lime meant the person lived by a lime tree.

A few notable people by the surname, van der Linde include:

Dutch van der Linde, a fictional character from the video game "Red Dead Redemption".

Roald van der Linde, Dutch politician.

Angelika van der Linde, statistician.

Wensten van der Linde, South African soccer player.

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