• SteviLyn Owen

Wesley Ray Patterson

First I will start by saying this, I met Wesley when I was eight years old. I met him in a setting that I would normally feel uncomfortable, though something about his presence put my mind at ease. I doubt that Wesley ever knew how much of an impact he had on me for that time in our lives. I didn't keep touch with him after that summer, though I still kept that memory of him.

Fast forward to August 12th 2021, there was a pending request on Find a Grave, I set out to go find the person. Almost immediately after looking for the headstone, I found it. His name, and picture was very familiar to me, I researched it and found out that he was the boy I met as a young girl.

Since that day I've been compelled to visit his grave often, and I do. I wanted to share this memory and how it had an influence on me.

Rest in peace, Wesley.

Your forever friend,


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