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Where to start research.

There are plenty people who are interested in genealogy but have never took the first step to research, are you one of these people? If so, please continue reading.

Genealogy is the study of family history and origins. Genealogy is important, it allows you to learn about your families past, previous ways of living, and why YOU are here today.

How to start.

Gather the information that you already have, (Birth/Death records, military records, etc.)

You need to decide how you are going to store your research, paper, digital, or both. I recommend using both, incase you lose one or the other in the future.

Speak to your relatives. If you have older relatives, speak to them, ask them questions about your family. A lot of elders enjoy being able to tell someone about their life when someone is interested. Your older relatives won't always be here.

Take advantage of the internet. There are a ton of genealogical resources that you can find online. \

And so many more.

Brick walls

A "Brick Wall" is like a dead end in genealogy, not being able to solve a research problem. Example: Not being able to find your great grandmother's maiden name.

How to solve a brick wall?

- Take a DNA test. DNA has solved many problems in genealogy.

- Use different types of resources online.

- Search for your ancestor with different spellings.

- Hire a professional genealogist.

What now?

A family tree is never completed. But there are many ways to put your research to use.

-Share your knowledge with other relatives, and teach them where they can from.

-Publish some of your information. You can create biographies for your ancestors and publish them online.

-Create a calendar. Dedicate a calendar to your ancestors by adding important events that happened in your ancestors life. (Birth, death, etc.)

-Make a book. Create a book with your family story.

Never be afraid to reach out to A Young Historian for help with your family history.

Happy genealogy hunting!

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