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Willie Cora Dudley

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Willie Dudley's life began on the 17th day of February in 1882 in Riddleville, Georgia to Charles Hammond Dudley and Elmira Jane Hyman. Due to the Emanuel County Courthouse fire in 1919, Willie and many others lost their birth record, according to Rootsweb. Willie was believed to be the first and only child

In 1883, unfortunately Willie's father, Charles, a traveling salesmen, moved to Boston, Massachusetts. Willie and her mother, Elmira, moved into Elmira's father, John Hyman's home in Abbeville, Georgia. John Hyman was a minister, and school teacher. Willie graduated high school at the Wilcox County School District in the year of 1900. Continuing education at the age of 18 was very uncommon, though Willie went on to graduate at Bessie Tift College, which we now know as "Tift College". Tift College in a women's liberal arts school located in Forsyth, Georgia. Willie was a skilled musician, she played the Piano, Cello, and many other instruments.

Willie went on to be a music teacher at Stillmore Graded School. While pursuing her talent, she happened to meet the principal, Thomas Norwood Brown, Ms. Willie, and Mr. Thomas fell in love. The wedding was simply in the Stillmore Auditorium. Mr. Thomas Norwood Brown was a divorce lawyer, and as well as Willie, he was a gifted musician.

Willie and Thomas had 4 children in their lifetime, Thomas, William, Carmen, and Hilda. William unfortunately passed away at age 3 in 1916. The Brown family had a deep great love for church, Willie played the piano, and Thomas played the violin.

Thomas, Willie's love, Passed away at a very young age, 51. He died due to a heart attack, the family was devastated, especially the now widowed, Willie.

Thomas Norwood Brown Jr. had his first child, Thomas Norwood Brown III, with Mrs. Clyde Collins. Willie's daughter, Carmen Elmira Brown married, and had a baby girl.

Only a year and 3 months after Willie's second grandchild, Gloria Jane Perry was born, Willie passed on due to natural causes. Mrs. Willie Cora Dudley left a beautiful legacy, 3rd, even 4th great grandchildren.

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